by Ben Southworth

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A collection of songs I've been needing to get out.


released February 15, 2012

Ben Southworth - Everything



all rights reserved


Ben Southworth Lexington, Kentucky

Music lover from Lexington, Kentucky.

I can be contacted via email at, you can visit me on Facebook, or check out my blog.

Please don't hesitate to shoot me some feedback!
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Track Name: On Top
Finally on top, I said,
As the signal turned itself to red.
We were buzzing from the thought
Of having times we never got.
And I swear we’d better never look back down.

Hearing all the stories of
All the people that we used to love.
But now we’d reached the age
That we could be the ones on stage.
We took our lines and learned our roles that day.

The kids looked up at us to see the ways
We handled our lives from day to day.
And rumors through the halls began to swell
That things were never meant to end this well

I remember looking out
Recognizing faces in the crowd
There were people that we knew
There were people that we wanted to
But the ones we knew the best would never leave

We were headed home that night
As we wandered home beneath the lights
When your brother asked of you
“What does it mean for me to be?”
And you stopped and told him everything you knew

And the kid looked up at you to see the way
You handled your life from day to day
And rumors through his mind began to swell
That things were never meant to end this well
Track Name: The Atlantic
They told me that they knew the way things really ought to be
But I knew I shouldn't listen to the lies they told to me
They backed me to a corner, where I could hardly breathe
And covered up my eyes to make me see what they believed

Oh, no one owns the ocean and no one holds the sea
And no one keeps the air that makes the warm Atlantic breathe
But if I owned the ocean, and if I held the sea
Then I would make it bright and blue and warm for you and me

No I don't have the answers and I don't hold the key
And I don't keep the secrets that could save humanity
But if I had the answers and if I held the key
Then I would make the world a kinder place for us to be

Oh, and if people stopped imposing all of their beliefs
And stealing all the world's opinions like dirty little thieves
Then we might find a place where we'd truly like to be
And then we'd live beside the ocean, warm for you and me